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This game was made for the lowrezjam 2014. The jam's rules were to create a game, with a max. resolution of 32x32 pixel.

Have fun!

Only the arrow keys are needed.
- Down to buy items
- Down to sleep
- Down to fish
- Up to ride, up again to dismount
- Down to enter a house
- Up in front of cupboard inside player house to enter menu.
> Inside menu, Left / Right to choose available seeds
- Down to get water from the well
- Down in front of soil to plow, to use a seed and to water the plants

Hint: To finish the game, you have to marry the blond girl. Upgrade everything and make her an proposal.

Here is a list of the game items, including prize and effect.

hoe1, 0 gold, 4 sec of work
hoe2, 20 gold, 3 sec of work
hoe3, 50 gold, 2 sec of work
hoe4, 100 gold, 1 sec of work
rod1, 0 gold, 4 sec of work
rod2, 20 gold, 3 sec of work
rod3, 50 gold, 2 sec of work
rod4, 100 gold, 1 sec of work
cow, 50 gold, after morning 1 milk available
chicken 1, 25 gold, every 20 sec 1 egg available
chicken 2, 25 gold, every 20 sec 1 egg available
horse, 100 gold, 3x faster movement while riding

wheat, 2 gold, sellable or tradeable
corn, 4 gold (seed cost 10), sellable or tradeable
carot, 6 gold (seed cost 15), sellable or tradeable
radish, 8 gold (seed cost 20), sellable
onion, 10 gold (seed cost 25), sellable
bean, 12 gold (seed cost 30), sellable
tomatoe, 14 gold (seed cost 35), sellable
pumpkin, 16 gold (seed cost 40), sellable
milk, 10 gold, sellable
egg, 4 gold, sellable
fish, 4 gold, sellable

Power up potions:
energy potion, (trade 3 wheat, 2 corn, 1 carot), 5 minutes infinite energy effect
water potion, (trade 2 wheat, 1 corn, 3 carot), 5 minutes infinite water effect
speed potion, (trade 1 wheat, 3 corn, 2 carot), 5 minutes double walking speed

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Simple and fun! I actually enjoyed this game immensely. I think you did a great job! Keep it up!

Satyre responds:

Thanks for your review :D I really want to create a sequel in 3D with the same feel of this game in the future.

very good game but need a better cam, my eyes are hurting and im having a headache

Satyre responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm sorry for the headache ^^. I can't do much now for the camera, because the resolution is too small and this is the best achieveable movement possible. I hope it was enjoyable though :)

how do you start the game?

Satyre responds:

Hey, to start you have to press down to get to the start/loading screen. There you can press left to load a new game or skip the intro animation. Press right to see the intro animation and start the real game. Have fun :)

i have to admit this game is just amazingly fun very easy to handle as in contolls and movement.
i have to say the soundtrack is amazingley well done its a loop but it doesn't get boring or anything it gives a farming country working style and is perfectly fit for this game. once you fished a bit and growed some crops it really goes fast i like the way i had to build up from only wheat to the gourd and have to buy other material to do my work more efficiant this game really made me feel like i was playing the old famous harvest moon games (thats probaply why you called it pixel moon :p) like the super nintendo had and N64 only in a pixelated way that really succeeded in giving that farming experience. the prices for everything is really good balanced as is the energy and the water.
i have to say i'm a sucker for old styled games like this and super nintendo alike. the houses/well and animals all looked very good and the background is beautiful too. so i really can't think of anything bad in this game cause it feels like everything is suposed to be like it is needs no improvement but does need a very good rating ;) i rate this game 10/10 for the wonderfull time it gave me and the good memories i had while playing it .
a job well done satyre *claps hands* i hope this review was helpfull to you and maybe you would make an other sort of farming game in the future or something else i can't wait till the next game Good Luck :)

Satyre responds:

Thanks for your great review :D. I'm quite glad that there are more players that complete the game and get the whole experience, than I imagined.

I really liked this game! Very relaxing :)
Tough at first, but I like that. Real farming and ranching is hard work! I love what you did with the graphic limitations. I'm very impressed! I planted every seed at least once just to see what their growing process looked like, lol. Also, the music is pleasant and has a nice "farmy" country feel to it.

For anyone having trouble, I planted some wheat but mainly wound up trekking out to the dock with full stamina so I could catch 10 fish. After selling all that (at the store, place with the purple sign), I bought the 2 chickens from the animal shop and kinda just hung around the farm, walking back and forth picking up eggs. I didn't really do the crops much. I made enough money selling eggs, some more fish, and just a few crops to get the horse.

Rode the horse to the dock, fished a ton, sold the fish, bought the cow. Make sure to milk the cow after you wake up. If you forget and run out of stamina, you've missed the milk for that day. With the eggs, milk, and fishing trips, the money added up very very quickly. It'll say 99 in red once the icon's maxed out, but you can see how much money you really have by checking the green chest in your house.

I didn't do this til I was already straight financially, but another early strategy I'd suggest is buying the corn and carrot seeds so you can grow some crops to trade with the witch in the forest. If you have the horse, this'll be easier, but if not that's fine. Trade for the energy potion (the red one) and head to the dock (all the way to the right). Just keep fishing until the potion icon completely disappears (the bottle will be empty, but it'll still be working!)

Even without a horse and with the starter rod (slowest one), you should still be able to catch at least 60 fish. That's 240 farmer face coins right there.

Once you get into the hundreds, have fun buying whatever, going wherever, and doing whatever you want til you marry the blonde woman (in the first house, no sign) and beat the game!

Hope that helped, and, again, great job Satyre :D

Satyre responds:

Thank you very much for your review. You absolutely got the spirit of the game :)

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3.47 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2014
3:02 PM EDT
Simulation - Job