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When you are depressed

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I hope you enjoy my very first animation uploaded to Newgrounds.
This was a story I tought couple years ago, when I was really depressed and gone through some bad things in my personal life.
Voice was made by a friend of mine, Beth.

Hope you enjoyed, please don't forget sharing! Thank you for supporting this creation ^_^

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That was great for a first animation. Nice work to both, you and your friend.

The metaphor is somewhat clever, and I applaud your first attempt at animation, which is remarkedly better than most of the folks posting their first animations, although the metaphor is not complete. For example, I was hoping that it goes more in depth about the options or consequences of that paper ship, or perhaps offers a solution for that paper ship to recover. Still, a solid 3 out of 5! Good job :)

Thoughtful and well put together indeed, as someone said before me, but it's missing one more point: the whole point of a ship is to sail. The analogy is perfect, but missing one major step which ought to be explained: as a ship, you *want to sail*, this is something you were *born to do!* -- and yet you can't, because any further contact with water will damage you -- and you ultimately *have to* come into contact with water. It is not sufficient simply being pulled to shore; you want to set sail. If you were a bird, it is not sufficient that your clipped wings be fixed; you want to be able to take off and fly -- and you can't.

I'm glad you tackled the issue of depression; too many of us either deny it's there, or make like it's something people "get over." What I would have appreciated in this film, in addition to what you've put here, is to see *HOW* people get to that stage. Not every paper ship sinks, if that is the analogy you're making -- because not everyone goes through depression -- and as such, we need to let people know what brings about depression. It is not enough to say that so-and-so is suffering from depression; to fully understand the nature of the problem, you have to look at its roots.

Overall well done, but I would have appreciated even more muscle to the content, so to speak. Animation was simple and succint, Beth's voice was quite emphatic.


Loved this movie. It's nice to see someone who understands the thought process that goes with depression, so i'm guessing either you or someone close to you has/had depression. From someone who suffers chronic depression and anxiety, this was a great film. Depression isn't something you can just "get over" or "get a grip" of.
Well done.

Dalas responds:

Thank you BeckyBee! Did you read the description? Actually it was a short story written by me, glad you liked it, cya! :D

Thoughtful and well put together.

Dalas responds: