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Twin star

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Comet breaker 5 Points

Get hit by comet

Comet 10 Points

Reach 50% in merging

Star Child 25 Points

Finish the game

Blue Star 50 Points

Finish the game in arcade mode

Red Star 100 Points

Finish the game in heavy mode

Author Comments

Game made in 48hs for Ludum Dare. Theme was Connected Worlds. In case of bugs PM.

Two stars: red and blue are caught in eternal dance.

Now the time for them to merge has come. But evil comets want to crush into the stars and disturb the merging.

Use W/S to move closer stars closer to each other. If they are close enough you will feel gravity effects and it will be more difficult to spread them apart.

Use A/D to rotate the the stars.
Use spacebar mid-game to return to menu.

Left top corner:
Red dots show how many more comets can you take before losing.

Percent shows merging progress, once it's 100% you win.

Game modes:
Arcade - standard

Heavy - makes stars heavier, putting stars into rotation and stopping them is more difficult. Spreading stars apart when they are closer is more difficult as well
(stronger gravity effects)

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From the many good submissions for Ludum Dare I like this one the most so far. One has to be reminded: This was made in only 48 hours!

It's a fine example for the fact that a game doesn't need tons of HD graphics or a great storyline (to be honest, I found the story with starchild a little weak, but I don't really mind) if you have good, fluent game mechanics.

I was really drawn-in to the game, a bit like the two stars I had to control. And at first I thought "Why is it called heavy mode, not hard mode?" until I recognized the heavier gravitation of the stars. All in all a challenging game which I really enjoyed to play, in fact I couldn't stop till I finally get that "Red Star"-medal :)

t4upl responds:

Thanks mate

I'm getting heavy into this write what I think before I play segment. So here's my first thoughts before playing. Great instructions, easy to understand, most new games I've noticed wont give you more than a description about what's going on. Happy to see this; this does look like another game I've played on here. I guess we'll have too see! Let the game commence.

Alright not what I've played before, I've started with arcade, slow and steady wins the race you know? The concept of dodging "comets" or yellow balls of pain is pretty sweet. Rotation, holy, talk about flailing balls of flames, I barely touch the controls and they're spinning like crazy took me a few tries to get them level again. Overall cool concept, for 48hrs you can tell but hey I played it for 20 minutes so it isn't that bad!

also what are those little dots left behind? Just tails of the comets or trails of past comets to plan where the next one will go? Bit confused there.

t4upl responds:

Dots left behind are just extra effects, no gameplay meaning.

Originally the yellow balls were supposed to be affected by stars gravity as well. If this were to happen the 'dots' would live the nice curves. Unfortunately I couldn't make it work.

Thank you for review.