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SSB4 - King of the Portal

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
King of the Portal

Official Website

Information contained in the videos reflect the in-development builds of the game at the posted timing and may not reflect that of the final products.

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fuck yeah it was really fun

excellent artwork, and great presentation of a sure promising SSBB character....
strawberry clock should be in this game!
and you just showed to us what would his attacks/specials/reaction/victory animations would be...
so it shouldnt be hard for them to do this...lol.
if only!

but still, this was an epic presentation, and i loved how you drawn all the characters, from falcon punch, to charizard, to lucario, to super mario, to link, to many many characters in there.
rupee would be happy by this movie.
nice animation, and a funny story going on.
the settings, the ending, and the credits were also good as well. clever.
your movie was good as always man, so do more, and keep up the good work

Someone should send this amazing Masahiro Sakurai to idea!

Someone should send this amazing idea to Masahiro Sakurai

This is very silly, and I love it.