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Succubus Loveless Ep. 3

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After settling into their new room, Ronald and Serph discover that the Academy is far from being safe, as the girl Ronald saw before has a troll on her back.

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Hey, just picked his series up from the daily top 5 and the story is pretty well-thought out.
As you said with the other reviews that you are getting better, I just hope you continue with this when you get there.
See ya in the future!

Although this is my first episode I did like the story of it already, it's interesting enough but however I don't like the artstyle.
Anyways, good effort and I hope you'll improve!

avengedjoker responds:

Thank you very much. =3 And don't worry I'm improving all the time. =)

I like the fact that youre trying to make a series, but the art is just not easy to look at. It looks very amateurish

avengedjoker responds:

"Trying" to make a series? =P Dude, I AM making a series. =3 But thanks for your feedback, I'm always trying to improve my drawing skills and getting better all the time...I mean if you've seen some of my art from last year or...even two years ago *shudders* you'd know I've improved a lot since then. XD