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The Wizard

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The Wizard is a quirky, turn-based dungeon puzzler with an unique spell casting system. You play as the exceptionally handsome but uneducated wizard Kevin, whose good looks have just been stolen. The pursuit of the mysterious thief leads you down to the dangerous dungeons underneath the wizard academy. There you'll encounter mythical monsters, discover powerful spell gestures and improve your newfound abilities with the experience you gain to catch the thief and reclaim your beautiful face.

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My only wish is that the freeze spells did some damage. otherwise great game! sequel?

This is the greatest fun I have ever had with a game that forces you to come up with solutions. The skeleton level is a huge difficulty spike....I always died mainly because at the beginning you take damage. After a little experimenting and spending 1 point on freeze and one on missile I managed to do it without getting hit by them. Really really appreciate this. 5/5

Nice game in every aspect. The only thing that I would add is an "undo last move option". It is very tedious to repeat the whole level just because of a small mistake. Some levels are long and it is hard to remember the order of the moves.

I'm sorry dude, but I can't play this anymore. It's a great game, and I'd love to continue. I'm at level 2-2 right now, but I can't take this anymore. It's the sound. The first time I cast any spell, the sound the spell makes keeps repeating in an infinite loop, I can turn off all 3 of the 'Music" "ambiance", and "effects" but that loop keeps repeating. The missile, the lightning and the ice, just over and over and over again every 2 seconds. They could use this in interrogations to drive people to confess. Again, a very enjoyable and intriguing game as far as I could handle the barrage of constant noise.

HypnoticOwl responds:

That's very strange! This seems to affect only players on Newgrounds. What kind of browser are you using? Could you help us find the problem by sending the developer console content to support@HypnoticOwl.com? Usually you can access the console with F12 or with CTRL+SHIFT+i and selecting console in the toolbar that appears. Would be a great help!
EDIT: Just added another check that should stop the sounds... hopefully... :D

Beat it on Master, took awhile but YOU can do it! i remember on two levels i was very low on health with no way to kill a monster, so i left the monsters behind.
i tried hacking the game but all i could get was the score >.< is this even flash?

what i "takeaway" from this, is i am awesome i could totally do Amazing things, yet i play video games... -.-