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Pokemon don't want Pikach

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Short animated video on Pokemon stopping Pikachu sneezing because it would electrocute everything around it if it does.

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Actually pretty good for portal standards but re-upload it with the proper stage dimensions or fix it in ur .fla lol cause you have like an obvious extra whitespace below and above....

Besides that, a well accomplished animation.

anim8bit responds:

will do! thanks for the feedback :)

Haha nice one Bro XD

good movie! it might not had a preloader or a play/replay button, but still, it was funny, well-drawn, nicely animated, and to the point!

good movie, and quite an original take on the well-known pokemon!
i liked how you focus on pikatchu's daily, usual life, and how he lives along with the other creatures/pokemon animals.

good work, do more, you are good.

mmmmmmmmmmm :/

The lines were very rough and sketched out, it would've helped the look if you went over it to clean it up. The animation was good, nothing that stood out but it served its purpose well. Nice idea, but I had to read the description to actually understand the joke so my advice is try and tell the story to the viewer better, especially with animations that have no speech in them use the animation to explain to the viewer, if you're not sure ask someone to look at it and ask weather they got the premise. The resolution wasn't set right so I could see the white spaces of the frame which was distracting. The art was good and was almost exactly the way the Pokemon look on the show so good job. The sound for Pickachu's call was repetitive for it was used very often the same ones, try to find more samples to avoid this next time. Keep it up. :)

anim8bit responds:

thanks for your feedback! it's very helpeful :)... yea the pikachu call was hard to find without music and that was the clearest version i could find lol wish there was a resource for that kind of stuff!