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Goat Cheese

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A little experiment with combining live-action footage with Flash animation

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wow. Makes me wanna know where this was shot. I really like how you've given it a docementary feel with the camera shot style and the animals just doing what they're doing. Also, really creative design with the animals. I like the shot with the skull cow things, and the people walk up the stairs, showing they're just normal creatures in this world. Very imaginative and nuts. I also liked the way some of them seemed to shy away from the fact they were being filmed, like the guy who turned into a bin after looking at the camera.

Awesome stuff man.



Great experiment!

This is really, really cool. I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to get the animation to synch up perfectly with the shaky camera, especially with just how good the animation was with this in mind. Also really dug the music. I hope that you can flesh out this technique to make some more coherent animations, because that could provide some really interesting stuff. Awesome, five stars.