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Clicker Heroes

rated 4.25 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Jul 28, 2014 | 10:46 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Click on monsters to kill them. Collect gold to hire and level up your team of heroes to defeat ever stronger monsters.

Purchase upgrades for your heroes to get more damage per second and earn as much gold as possible!

1.0e9 Patch Notes

- The Stats panel now provides more robust data about your Ascensions and Transcensions. These new tables can be exported to CSV format.
- Auto Clickers can now be placed on the "Buy All Upgrades" button.
- You can now hold C and click to place Auto Clickers.
- You can now place all remaining Auto Clickers by holding Shift when placing an Auto Clicker on the monster.
- There is now a new Settings interface that can be accessed from the options menu.
- Low quality options have been separated into individual settings that can be toggled in the new Settings interface.
- Sound effect categories can now be turned on and off individually in the new Settings interface.
- Fixes an issue where Auto Clickers could become difficult to remove.
- Fixes an issue with Timelapse and Mercenary gold rewards at high levels of Mimzee.
- Fixes an issue that caused primal boss names to draw the normal boss name underneath the primal text.
- Fixes an issue where upgrades could remain tinted when purchased.
- Various bugfixes

1.0e8 Patch Notes

- Seasonal Event: Merry Clickmas!
- During the "Merry Clickmas!" event, you can collect presents containing Rubies and Relics as well as special holiday items such as Auto Clicker skins, Candy Canes (which can be used to resurrect fallen mercenaries) and more.
- Seasonal Mercenary Quest: Mercenaries can be sent to retrieve Clickmas Presents for you. This quest is always available as a fifth quest option for the duration of the event.
- Seasonal Minigame: Present Panic! Tapping on a special clickable during the event brings you to a fight where you can tap rapidly to gather as many presents as you can.
- "Merry Clickmas!" ends January 2nd.
- You are now given the option to salvage your Junk Pile when Ascending.
- Fixed known causes of ancient leveling freezes and crashes.
- Various bug fixes.

1.0e7 Patch Notes

- Adds an option to make Auto Clickers placed on heroes transparent.
- Adds the Skins button to the shop window.
- Removes the Skins button on side of the screen.
- Various bugfixes

1.0e6 Patch Notes

- New Ancient: Nogardnit, Ancient of Moderation. Nogardnit provides increased gold gain per unassigned Auto Clicker when idle. This effect continues while the game is offline and benefits from Xyliqil.
- Auto Clickers placed on heroes will no longer visually block upgrade icons.
- Fixes a number of text display issues related to DPS.
- New Languages Supported: Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Indonesian, and Thai
- Improves existing support for all languages.
- Various bug fixes.

1.0e5 Patch Notes

- Happy Halloween!
- New Feature: Auto Clickers
- Auto Clickers can be used to automatically level heroes, activate skills, and click monsters for you! Auto Clickers can be purchased in the shop for rubies.
- Various bug fixes.

1.0e4 Patch Notes

- Adds a new animation for leveling Heroes and Ancients.
- Various bug fixes.

1.0e3 Patch Notes

- Five new heroes!
- Fixes a bug that prevented some players from encountering primal bosses.
- Various other bugfixes.

1.0e2 Patch Notes

- Offline Progression: When offline, you now advance in zones until your heroes reach a boss they can't beat.
- Timelapse now advances in zones as well.
- Various bugfixes

Patch 1.0 Patch Notes
- Transcendence!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is such an addicting game! The music and sound effects are pretty great too


Rated 0 / 5 stars

mierda >:-(


Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, this is pretty awesome, i had a blast playing it, and will probably play again.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good game but there are a few quantities that you could just replace. For example: For 1.000e5 you could just put 100,000. Same with e6(1,000,000), e7(10,000,000), e8(100,000,000) and beyond.

Despite that fact the game is still good.

Plz support:

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Having played this for several years now I have to admit via Review that this game was worthy of a port to steam. I understand why many people still play this game.

Although having used an Auto Clicker (Via an old runescape clicker bot) for the first 10 asensions and having made new accounts via moving computers without transferring save files, I can say with little to no doubt that I've figured this out.
There are roughly 3 ancients that matter (THE MOST): Juggernaut; since the update where there are auto clickers for rubies ((I did grind to it so I could feel better about having used an auto clicker in the past)) Juggernaut has become a staple in every transcension, after leaving the game idle for several days I'd get roughly 500k x click combo and my DPS would be last to floor 400-500 ish.

I recently figured out that Combined with Solomon, a staple because of his AMAZING ability to add to your hero souls to insane levels, Morgulis is Important after you transcend a few times, reducing the cost of your ancients applies to his through the multi-buy, 1000 levels of Morgulis for 599 hero soul? YOU BETCHA!

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