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Unfortunate... 50 Points

Friends are NOT forever.

Reunited 100 Points

Save your friends and get the good ending.

Author Comments

UPDATED 2/27/15 Faster movespeed, the game is a lot more playable now, hope you enjoy!


Arrow Keys to move
Z to interact (talk/explore)

Made in roughly 75 hours for Game Jam 10.

There are two endings.
Find all the paintings to get a good ending.

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Hints: the white dude always shows you the secret places. So always look at where he spawns.

There are three secret places you need to find:
-in the red area: left portal, then get to bottom left, to find a hidden portal, then interact with the first tree, but do it UNDER that tree.
-in the green area, after you give the rake, and the new portal opens, go to the bottom right portal and interact with the first top block (near which the white dude shows).
-after you beat the octopus, the pirate will open the portal to another place, there you should go bottom right to find the area with blue painting.

How to beat octopus: just go down under the octopus plate / painting / whatever and stay there. Try to be a little in the middle between the rocks, so you'll be untouchable.

At first I didn't like the game, but after a while, I started to dig it. Good work, albeit needs some polish.

Desperately needs a way to skip text... that or Omar needs to remember I've already returned the rake to him several times now.

Where is find Green Guy Painting?

I enjoyed it but after replaying for 5 times and still could not find the green guy's pic makes me bored

I got the good ending on the first try and then I wanted to see what the bad ending was like and then i was like OMG WHAT?? but still this was better than i thought

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2014
4:33 PM EDT
Adventure - Other