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The Bells of Atlantis

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Gather the shiny orbs to keep your light glowing. Your light will chase away fish and keep the monster at the bottom of the ocean at bay.

Made in 48 hours for the Newgrounds Game Jam 10.

7/14/14 - Added Leaderboards!

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Well, despite being extremely annoyed right now, I still thought this game was cute. The art and animation is fluid, and the controls are irritating, but they're intentionally slippery and it gives the game some challenge. Plus the brake is actually helpful, so brownie points. The only thing I don't like about the actual game mechanics was how boring it got after awhile. I wish more things happened, but it was made in 48 hours, so it's understandable.

I encountered a few glitches. To start, bumping a wall causes your character to sharply turn and plaster themselves to the wall, and takes away your ability to move the flashlight, as if you'd been hit by a fish. It's also hard to right yourself if you're really wedged against the wall or in a corner, because his feet won't go offscreen.

Second, after a while of gameplay, the music completely glitched out. You know how it sounds when a program that's playing music freezes and rapidly plays one note over and over? That's what it sounded like. I had paused the game every few seconds as I was doing things on another tab, don't know if that's why, or if it just happens after the song's been playing for awhile. In my second game I muted the music, but after I died I turned the sound on to see if it happened again, and it did. Might want to check that out, especially since it carries over if you click play again (going to the main menu fixes it though). Pausing the game either makes the music glitch out with a different tone, or mutes it.

Finally the leaderboard says I got my high score like 12 hours ago, even though I just got it. Dunno if this is an NG problem, but everything else about the leaderboard works fine.

I'm curious if there's a cap to how many lights you can grab, but I don't think anyone will ever find out, because it took me 90 minutes and a loop of Caramelldansen to get me to 500. xD

pretty decent game, just wish it has some more mechanics

Awesome art work and animations Fungasm, I can see why you didn't have to time submit to NATA now

I'm wondering if you played our other game: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/641216 ? Because core mechanic is so similar :) You did something different with it and it's cool to see. Why I gave 2 stars? I think the biggest problem right now is that the game has just two states. One when I have light and the other when I'm already out of light. Nothing in between. Controls aren't working right. There is also no indication that I gathered the orb, so I even don't know if I gathered this thing or not? I like graphics and the idea.

The character control like he is swimming in a pool of soap. Overall this is just some kind of game of Snake with very very bad controls. And it's infuriating how you are trying to go into a direction for so long only to dart there in a flash, go past the orb, and die.

Mattster responds:

Try using the DOWN arrow to slow down and control yourself.