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2030 Leagues

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Take control of a submarine drone as you descend into the deep for an underwater search to collect a large and valuable meteorite. Use the grappling hook to collect meteor fragments and increase your maximum depth. You can also use it to defend yourself from dangerous sea life. Use the flashlight to light up your surroundings.

Thank you to Newgrounds and Scirra for creating this 2030 gamejam.

We started this project on May 15, 2014. After many iterations and long nights we're proud to present our first game release; 2030 Leagues. Please enjoy!

<a href="http://giant.gfycat.com/WetBonyBudgie.gif">GRAPPLING HOOK TIP</a>

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First perfect score from the 2030 jams Ive scored.
I love the art style and the gameplay is new to me. It reminds me of aspects from several games I enjoy. There were no (noticeable) bugs for me and I enjoyed the ending screen a lot.
I look forward to future projects from you.

Hard to believe it only took a month. Ilike it alot. . I really liked the open exploration feel to it, even if i did get lost.

I like the concept of this game. But it is rather poorly executed.
The idea of going to the depths of the ocean to retrieve a meteor is very interesting.
Use of the grappling hook is very neat although unresponsive at times.
The problem that makes the game impossible is the dangerous wildlife. I've tried using the grappling hook, and I might as well try to ram them, as neither would go to my benefit. Using the grappling hook in defense does not work whatsoever.
I've also tried just getting away from the enemies, but the sharks are faster than you, and as soon as they land a hit, the game spazzes out and before you know it, you lose a life.
Not only that, but after I already lost all lives, and tried again, a box appears next to the submarine and it won't go away. It serves no purpose and obstructs my view. And that's not the end of it, even when I try again with all lives, when I die for the first time, I get game over and it takes me right back to the menu.
I hope to see a revised version of this game in the future. It needs a lot of work being in its current state.

jadecascade responds:

Thanks for finding that bug with the chatbox and lives. We've fixed them both. In addition we made it so sharks lose their built up speed after you die so they won't feel quite as speedy.

I hope you'll try playing our game again sometime!

This is a breath of fresh air after so many flappy birds and meatboy clones. I like the hookshot mechanic a lot, kinda reminds me of Zelda.

There's a lot of polish in here. I really feel like I'm underwater and especially love the schools of fish. I wish there were more of the harder enemies though.

Good work, hope to see you continue developing the game!

Overall a nice game, but it's lacking in quite a few areas:
-The "hook behind the rocks" thing is a good idea, but it gets old really fast and there's a point in which it's simply boring to keep aiming behind the gems.
-What's the purpose of being able to get down to 6500 fet when the meteor is at 4500? There's too many gems.
-Final "battle" get's really easy if you just lure one or two enemies at a time, there should be something preventint the player from getting away of the battlefield.
-Having to travel back to the ship eac time feels a bit useless when you can just suicide and there's no penalty for it.
-Anticlimatic ending. Really expected something else to happen.

It's a nice game, with cool graphics and music, but it need more mechanics to make it actually fun and not just entertaining.

jadecascade responds:

Thank you LaCriatura. Your review shows you really took the time to play through the game and we appreciate that!

We added more gems than absolutely required because it wouldn't be fun if you had to find every last gem in the game to progress. In addition every 100 gems you get an additional life (max 3).

Great suggestions overall, keep in mind we only had 1 month from start to finish to create the graphics, mechanics and level. If we continue to work on this game after the jam many of your suggestions will likely be added.