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Dragon Ball Multiverse 3

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--the first minute's animation is a bit sloppy, but it gets better afterwards---

the Thrid chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse animation adaptation is finnaly finished. took me quite some time and effort to make.
hope you like it

Edit: wow, frontpage and daily first (my first one ^^) thank you soo much guys, it really means alot to me <3

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I love this manga. Glad you animated it

I honestly think this is what would happen.

mabey goku black killed android 16 in the future and that is why we didn't see him in dragon ball super

I think someone in Japan must have seen this series of animation because this is the exact way the Manga is now heading. Search for Dragonball Chou and have a look. The minute they introduced the concept of multiple universes, I thought of this. Nice soothsaying Baba.

i enjoy dbz alot although your art work is abit ruff but it is still good i look forward to the next episode
3.5 stars for me.
the whole idea of multi-verse is awsome and the fact you added a universe where there are no z fighters was a positive for me.
showing how powerful technology can be.
i would like to see more technology advancements in this series for i love technology.
if you had better graphics and make there mouths look like they are actually talking and had alot more action rather than talking and add some descent sound effects and fighting music this would be a 5 star for me.
best of luck with the future episodes.