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Bloody Hell!

rated 1.64 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - First Person

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Jun 2, 2014 | 12:46 AM EDT

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Author Comments

This is not a game , this is a program that will help you to increase your accuracy in fps games like COD and battlefeild etc.
also this game was developed for PC , so gameplay experience may change during online play (We are not responsible for that)

you will have problems in the frist time,
but as you will play further,you will notice the difference



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I actually meant to review this earlier in the day, but I had to leave.

There's something you noted that your work is "very professional" - I would certainly not even consider this something for a casual gamer to try out. The game is clearly "pre-fab" in that everything relies on a simple "on*SoAndSo*" function; and while this is kind of evident in most works using Actionscript, it's just abused here.

I'm not 100% sure where to begin. The starting screen looks like something out of Flash MX with the buttons, and the background just looks very sloppy. Your "Help" button has no difference to "Play," and your "Exit" button doesn't actually do anything.

The "loading" screens are also pre-fab. These are not even actual preloaders it seems, because if you right click and hit "Rewind" the game just completely stops, then right clicking to hit "Play" shows the meters loading. It's the exact same thing when you try to play the game. The loading bars take an insanely long time to actually load even though the player somehow already loaded it previously.

You can also hit the red squares which give a negative score yet still count toward progress. This is like saying Mario getting hit by a Goomba progresses him to the next level. Would it really be engaging for a player to play the game with no consequential result?

Overall this game needs more than an overhaul. It needs to be re-made with a reason + purpose. And unfortunately I disagree that this is a program. This is clearly a game you tried to program using simple Actionscript code because there wouldn't be "levels" otherwise. Getting to the final level can also be done simply by hitting "play" on the right click menu.

So overall I would not suggest this 'game' or 'program' to anyone; I would suggest definitive improvement and learn the real process to making something with the industry-standard level of understanding because this is the kind of work that was done in 2001 before Actionscript even really had any usage besides playback, which you did not even really demonstrate in this 'program.'

Look up tutorials on how to understand collision detection, how to cancel the "right click" menu, and especially on video game basics. If people keep seeing this stuff by you it may pass judgment but it will not earn you many fans.

CRYBORG responds:

Thanks a lot
I'm a mere programmer and a school student of 10th standard
I started working with flash 5 from class 8 and now i'm on CS 5.5
I'm working on all what you've said and i'm soon going to publish a new improved version of it

as far as preloader is concerned, i'm try to crack, how to make web preloaders...
moreover, as I said it was made for PC ,the exit button ain't going to work when played here, you can download the setup from the link and I would love to hear more from you about the game
Thanks again


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It's pretty bland, a basic flash shooter I suppose.

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CRYBORG responds:

It is not a basic flash shooter,because usually,in basic versions the actions are applied on the guns,power-up's,enemies
But in this,the actions are applied to the frames,although it not a AS_3.0 file but the actions are applied to the frames so that the game would load faster when playing online (this was a significant change done before publishing it on newgrounds)
Also the guns or you say the player(s) are all hand drawn and take a quite long time to be drawn , because we have to keep it as much as realistic as we can.
Moreover have a look at the lighting effect(color effect).In the basic versions you won't find these efects.The animation part and all the actons are bit different form what you find in basic versions.
The user interface is also far more above than just being at "intermediate" level as found in basic versions
Thanks for your review


Rated 3 / 5 stars

A good improvement from the last game but the rage from the original still persists. Good job nonetheless.

CRYBORG responds:

Thanks a lot,
It is good to have viewers like you, the fair decision maker
I had spend a lot of time improving it,right after your comment (TRUE STORY)

I was thinking to make you the tester of my games, since I find you a "fair decision maker"
If you agree with this proposal, do reply me soon as posible


Rated 1 / 5 stars

It's not very playable. The time between clicking and firing is too slow.

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CRYBORG responds:

That is the thing.....
now,if you play any other game you will find it very easy to control your rate of fire and time you take to target something would have become less,which will make your aiming faster

Keep playing it for a while you surely master it.For further improvement,checkout the other game of the series, "Shoot 'em' all"