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In this brave new science show that's true whether you believe it or not, Neil deGrasse Tyson narrates the most euphoric event in all copypasta history.
If you f*cking loev le science, you'll certainly enjoy this educational and instructive presentation!!!! 420 errday!!!!!!!!!!!

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An athiests true documentary of euphoria and amazingness, has enlightened me. Nor christian or anything else, i am ENLIGHTENED! I FEeL AFIDSHJRDHGJN MT^JRTUjhtfgxc

Alright Alright I got the idea

I think the joke dragged on for a bit too long

Great animation, to those complaining about the theme, it's just a modification of a lulzy copypasta that makes fun of both sides. This animation it's at comedy-parody so just relax and laugh at the references and jokes.

The animation, art and voice acting were good. But the idea in whole was pretty weak, and I honestly don't care about all those references you made. They were smart! But not much of a big deal.
Let me make a couple of things clear here... Everyone is free to choose whatever they want for their lives.
Just because someone chooses to believe in god or not to, doesn't mean they're bad or stupid or whatever.
Religion is not bad, it gives you a reason to live, a reason to keep moving forward in your life.
A lot of atheists suicide and give up on their lives because they come to a point were they see that there's no meaning of life.
The point I'm making is, the bad people are the annoying ones. Bad atheists are the ones that try so fucking hard to prove that all religious views are false.
And bad religious people are the ones that annoy you so much to join them.
I'm religious, I'm proud to be so, but I don't go down the street and shove it in people's faces.
And the good ol' rule for winning people's hearts is, never look at their race, religion or political views, but look for what you've got in common! Make animations about things that people share here!
I really liked your style, I hope to see more content from you, and I hope it wouldn't be offensive to anyone.

This wasn't funny. I don't know what inspired this at all. Whatever it was, DON'T, I repeat, DON'T use it again!