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hey all,
been awhile since my last submission !p
well, this animation is a part of a collab made in hyunsdojo.com

well the sotry of this animation is about a guy who has been lost in a strange world and then finds a bizarre cookie hanging in the air ...so he tries to eat it , but things didn't go as expected :p

enjoy ;)


I liked the concept, thought the animation was really smooth too. The sound effects are extremely loud, though. That dude walking across the sand sounds like he has sacks of marbles rigged up to microphones tied around his legs. I'd love to see what you can do besides stickmen too! (still more than I could animate)

webfox01 responds:

i wish i can animate fullbodies :( !!
i need a tablet which i don't have at the moment :/
thx for the review :p

Hey, nice job, maybe add a replay button :)

webfox01 responds:

yeah i was gonna do that but got lazy :p

The stickman's are not cool anymore, but it's a great animation, and funny, great job :)

webfox01 responds:

some peaple can only animate stickmen ;)

Well that's some fun XD

Your drawings of stick figures have improved but only a small little :P
You need to work more on the environment (backgrounds and stuff). You could have made different versions of the palm tree.
Adding details and colors to that platform (where the cookie stands) could make the scene more interesting.
Also next time, try placing vcams in your submission. Changing the camera angle will turn the scene from being static (boring) and will give more flexibility to your animations (optional but much recommended). You can find links to vcams files in NewGrounds on the "Wiki" page, check the "Creator Resources" section :)

Did you voice act for this yourself? The audio was both clear and funny ^^

This was funny but I'll save the LOLs for your on-going stick project XD

webfox01 responds:

hahahaha thx for the review :p
i could've done better overall (background,animation..) but i rushed it :D
i use Vcams in my other projects (you can take a look) but they are mostly denied in collabs so rules are rules :p
and the coice acting was cool ikr !! found it on the internet !
btw, my stickproject is not funny it's a serious stick action !! :DDD

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2.82 / 5.00

May 31, 2014
10:01 AM EDT
Comedy - Original