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Dragon Princess

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Play as a fire mage who fights monsters and completes quests in a dungeon with the help of her friends. Also activate bombs, break pottery for gold and meet a mysterious person...

Controls: mouse only or mouse for shooting and WASD or arrow keys for movement (can be switched in the options menu).

The Dragon Clan is the strongest clan in the whole magic land. Its respected by other mage clans and feared by evil creatures. The clan has been keeping peace for years by protecting the talisman of huge power called The Dragon Heart. One day it was stolen and is kept by the Lord of the Evil who is preparing an attack on humanity. The huge power of the Dragon Heart is going to determine the winner of the war.Mila - the strongest mage of the clan is going to the Dark Lords dungeon to retrieve the talisman. She with her own talisman of a similar nature - The Dragon Eye is going to change the fate of the magic land.

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Dragon Princess is a great game with a cute artstyle and fun, satisfying gameplay. The dungeons and objectives have a good variety which helps keep the player engaged throughout the game, along with the persistent upgrade system and the many companions.

My only complaint however, is that the game is a little too easy. I think having a set range for projectiles would help in that area - in each level I would fight some enemies, move along a little bit in a certain direction and find a veritable hoard of gold coins and mostly dead enemies.
Another thing that could be added are difficulty modifiers (such as more enemies, more enemy health, etc)

Visuals: 7
Audio: 5
Gameplay: 8

Amazing game! Soundtracks are usually my top thing in games like these, and yours was awesome! But soundtrack aside great game in all!

apanda ignore what the negative comments like the one from tennista1 its a great game i can tell you put a lot of time into it great job and keep up the great work ^.^

I thoroughly enjoyed this. :) Keep at it.

I very Nice Thanks apanda !

apanda responds:

Thank you for the feedback, tomyman5! :3