Infect All Cells

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New Flu Season 5 Points

Start the game.

Mutant 10 Points

Purchase the strongest virus upgrade in pandemic mode.

Resistant 1 10 Points

Kill a lymphocyte with a toxic coat in pandemic mode.

Resistant 2 10 Points

Kill a neutrophil with a toxic coat in pandemic mode.

Resistant 3 10 Points

Kill a monocyte with a toxic coat in pandemic mode.

Spread Fast 10 Points

Purchase any speed upgrade in pandemic mode.

Untouchable 10 Points

Purchase a toxic coat upgrade in pandemic mode.

More than a runny nose 50 Points

Beat the game

Author Comments

You are a Virus. Your goal is to infect the cells of a body. However, the immune system will try to stop you!

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Hitboxes:Complete shit, makes it too hard to infect the goddamn cells
The graphics are fine.
Seriously, if the hitboxes where better this game could have atleast +2 stars, but no, you are forced to play it with the broken ass hitboxes which are the only thing that makes the game minimally hard
Also, shitload of glitches

The game is pretty bad.. It got boring literally 30 seconds in, after you realize you only have one life, no continues, and one death means you go back to the beginning, but on top of that you have to listen to a poorly constructed piece of "music" that's pretty much 4 notes being repeated again and again, the game is lack luster on ever level, from looks to sound to gameplay.


mmh ... this needs a bit more work. the "hitbox" of the cells is smaller than the cells, and the virus hitbox is larger than them. Also, the controls are to direct, maybe adding some "gravity" like behaviour to the viruses movement would make this much more interesting, maybe if combined with a target cursor that could be controlled with either keys or mouse, which the virus would try to reach.

Eh....Good but gets a bit boring after 5 minutes.

Credits & Info

1.05 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2014
2:09 PM EDT
Skill - Collect