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Gold Rush

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Bouncy:3 5 Points

You have used a trampoline

Double Jump anyone? 5 Points

You earned the double jump ability

Easy! 5 Points

Completed level 1

How Cute! 5 Points

My first retry after a gameover, hope this not marks a beginning ofa new era

Welcome to Gold Rush 5 Points


Burn Baby Burn 10 Points

Fell in the lava @ level 3

But, But, I have to win 10 Points

Done 10 retry's after a gameover screen

Dat lava doe 10 Points

Completed level 2

Friggin lasers! 10 Points

You earned the shoot laser ability!

Ouch 10 Points

Get hurt by a laser

Dat lava jump doe 25 Points

Completed level 3

NO LIFE! 25 Points

Uhm Wow, I did 100 retry's after a gameover screen!

Pepzi Consultant 25 Points

I have found a pepzi consultant, what is this I don't even?!

So Close :C 50 Points

Went gameover on the last level!!

All Hearts 100 Points

Completed the game while finding all hearts and not getting hurt.

Completed The Game! 100 Points


OMG I'm done! 100 Points

Completed level 4

Author Comments

Please note: "This is a challenge game. If you don't like to achieve something which is hard to get then you should not play this :D"

Beneath the surface exists a man's life named BOB. His job? Find gold and evade other pesky gold rushers

This was a entry for the Ludum Dare 29 Compo created in 48hrs

update 4/28/14: Scoreboard now works, woops :D
update 4/29/14: More medals added, slipperyness of player movement removed, ai hardened, punching requires you to look at the direction you want to punch, player freeze time for punching decreased with 200ms.
update 4/30/14: AI Wont punch you from above or below for a certain distance (should be easier to kill them then), the player laser gun is instant kill now :D

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At first I found this game very hard, but that was until I found out how useful F is. I even got the All hearts medal, which at first I thought was impossible.

For that medal, the best tip is: you just have to position yourself at the same height as your enemies (sometimes you'll need to jump) before they see you, and press F; the bullets will kill enemies even off screen. Doing this, you can kill almost all enemies without ever getting damaged.
For the high jumps that damage you when you land, just jump right before touching the ground. Kinda like jumping on a falling elevator right before impact, but actually working ;)
About the pit of lava in level 3, same as before: just jump before touching the lava, that is, as soon as your character enters the screen (since he'll be falling very fast).

I'm guessing you only play-tested this with an XBOX controller. Not everyone has an XBOX controller, and those of us who don't, don't like playing a game where one of the most important keys is the CONTROL button, which has unintended consequences like trying to add favorites to your browser, etc. as you hit any other key besides just Ctrl. Unplayable for me, sorry.

GiveMeAllYourCats responds:

Sorry to hear that, it was play tested on both control schemes. Did not notice these problems, it should not happen if your browser is focussed on the game (Try clicking on the game and then press CTRL and see if it does it again)

Its Funny <3<3<3

GiveMeAllYourCats responds:

Glad you enjoyed :)

merda de jogo

GiveMeAllYourCats responds:

:C it was made in 48 hours, remember that. And my first entry in a game compo and newgrounds for that matter.

Good game but i dont know that wahts gonna kill you

GiveMeAllYourCats responds:

What do you mean? it's not clear enough what kills you?