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Let It Go - RCT3 HD

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Another Let It Go thing. This time to animated fireworks, WOAH.

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This animation is amazing. Please keep it coming ^^

I am takin some 2 CI at the weekend and I know this stuff is gonna be on the big screen, I havnt seen this much purple in my entire life. So beautiful.

ErnieG014 responds:

Thank you! Really appreciate it, new best friend.

I didn't see the amazing part, but its cool enough, 3 stars maybe

ErnieG014 responds:

Weee, thanks, I guess? Haha

If this were a boat ride at a theme park I would definitely want to see it. Almost like the fountains they have at Disney but on water and with fireworks.

ErnieG014 responds:

Thanks! That would be pretty interesting, haha.

Nice animations. Would be nice if it did not take 30 seconds to start, as I am impatient.

ErnieG014 responds:

Sorry, ego got in the way it seems - thanks for the comment, friend.