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rated 2.67 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Puzzle

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Mar 27, 2014 | 8:08 PM EDT

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Complete Level 1 5 Points Complete Level 1
Complete Level 2 5 Points Complete Level 2
Complete Level 4 5 Points Complete Level 4
Elevator Navigator 5 Points Succesfully navigate the lifts
Open Doors 5 Points Find a key to unlock all the wooden doors
Stay Afloat 5 Points Keep your head above the deathly swamp mud
Strawberry 5 Points Strawberry Jam all round!
Conveyor Belts 10 Points Avoid the spikes between alternating conveyor belts
Dodge Barrel 10 Points Earned when dodged a rolling barrel
Fire Dodger 10 Points Avoid the randomly wandering flames
Safari Challenge 1 10 Points Complete level 3 in a jeep

Author Comments

A swift-paced pixel perfect retro arcade style platform with all of the old cliche's.Made it in a bit of a rush for stencyl jam 2014 between teaching jazz piano - so it needs a lot of work to not be quite as annoying as it is at present.Alot of fun to make though and stencyl 3 turned out to be alot more reliable than previous versions and a joy to work with.The only thing is its a shame its not easier to access the data api on newgrounds - levels are saved with shared objects,so you need cookies enabled and remembered in browser.Use 'L' to reload in the menu before starting.Thanks!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love the retro feel to this game, but for some reason, jumping doesn't always work. on level two, you can't jump while on the scaffolding (like DK) other than that, I liked this game!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

The medals seem to work fine for me but I guess you probably fixed it the past few days.
I felt the control scheme was very strange and if you accidently start level 1 again your save state is erased. It is also very easy to just skip all the rooms and just speedrun through the whole game and collect all the medals in the process, especially for the "donkey kong level 2 type stage", I think it would be better if you at least have to break the floor plugs to get to the next area. I think this could be an exceptional game if you didnt rush it so much, but it seems like these stencil jams always rush everyone and they put out less than what they can actually achieve.

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rgpaddler responds:

I hear what your saying and agree it does rush ideas out,but on the other hand - I'd started games in the past in pure as3 and just never got around to publishing them here for fear that flash was on its way out and I'd been looking into photonstorm and html 5 type approaches,but i'm just not that great at coding - well just very the time i'd learned to copypixels,load spritesheets and condense actionscript into classes and functions that worked on web and ios air it all seemed a bit late.So stencyl gave me a quicker alternative I guess.

I agree with you on the weird controls,I think it might be better to have one medal per level,scrap the exit door and collect all the treasure to exit..possibly on a timer.that way,you'd be forced to complete every single part of the maze.I thought that might make it a bit too difficult,but it could start simple I guess.As for the save,it would be best to use the ng data api,but not sure how do it yet.with the shared object,maybe I should just load it at the start rather than resetting it.

thanks for the advice,blyndid - I think its a case of less is more,but more time needed..


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was a pretty fun game! Not sure I like the way the screen transitions only when you get to the edge of it (feels like it'd be easier if it moved along with the character), and it actually makes it a bit dizzying when you have to move around right at the edge of the two 'screen's and the screen keeps moving... but apart from that, it was a lotta fun, the controls remind me of Lode Runner a bit. Graphics are sharp in color sometimes but well-made, and the game itself is a lot of fun, plenty of variation, creative levels... nice work! Though I do wonder why the medals don't reach further than level 1? Keep up the good work!


rgpaddler responds:

thank you - yes I need to continue the medals,I ran out of time in trying to get it completed for the jam so I'm intending to finish it properly at some point with lots more levels.I will try getting the camera to follow the player continously too,to see how it looks.I'm not sure whether its best to replace the file with the changes though,or upload as a new game.does anyone have any advice on this? Thank you for the positive,constructive feedback mr cyberdevil


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

nice retro game, but in the menu you should put play and highscore also on a key (space/enter) to keep the retro feeling till the end.

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rgpaddler responds:

thank you - i'll try that!