one way through the dark

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It's a mix of runner and logic puzzle. As a player you have to find out a trap which the darkness hides from you and successfully bypass a trap. You can see chance of your survival over you head. When you move you chances to survive are changed. Based on that you can try to find out what kind of trap is in front of you.


Nice going there... Did you learn making games with whoever made IWBTG?

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TohaTurok responds:

No, I didn't! About IWBTG I heard from you! And IWBTG is funny and interesting

how am i supposed to dodge obstacles that i cant see?

TohaTurok responds:

You have chance for survival! If you sit or jump near different obstacle chance for survival will be change or not.

The game doesn't start :/

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I can`t play this game (i don`t know why)!So my rating is zero stars.

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It's uh...interesting.

I like it, I'll say that much. I do like the game. I get what you're going for, and I get that it SHOULD be this difficult. But I won't dismiss the fact... it's a little too difficult. I know the game is supposed to be the way you have it, but it's just a little too hard. I guess the game is going to stay this way, and that's fine. Make a score system that sticks, so you can compare your score to other people. It renders no replay value if you just die, see your score, die again, see your score - and it adds up to nothing.

Interesting little game,

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2.75 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2014
3:45 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other