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Super Bike Racer

rated 3.49 / 5 stars
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Sports - Racing

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Mar 11, 2014 | 12:39 PM EDT

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Superbike racing through mountains, deserts, the arctic and the outback. Race against 20 other bikes, upgrade your bike



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pritty cool, Found myself wanting to kick the shit out of other players though as it reminded me alot of road rash. mabye you should add that ;)

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

what kind of game will this be
will there be bikes
will there be racing

okay, the menuscreen looks fine. it gives players an idea of how the game will be without pretending to be something it's not. it even shows that there aren't any alternate bikes and the racers are all power rangers!
the typography of the title could use some work, because most other things on this page have clarity while the title looks a little unintentionally blurry.
might be nice if 'credits' was in the place of 'other games', but that's only because i believe credits should be front and center, like the play button. personal preference, of course.

the music is a bit quiet but i don't think that matters much in the long run. the music was a little bit too sort of futuristic for my liking, especially since all the races take place outdoors.

a lot of this part of the game is fine. nothing special, but fine(which you'll come to see is about all i have to say on this game). it's when you get to the actual game things get a bit worse. i've only played the first few levels a couple of times, but i get the feeling the rest aren't much different.

graphics! they're alright! the background are rather pretty and the actual racetrack manages to not look like it at all! i guess that might be good for load times and playability, but it really just looks like an entirely different area than something remotely close to where we race. i think lightening it so it's closer to the color of the sky would do a good job of making it look farther away.
the controls are... basically just like every other racing game, at least ones i've played. which is fine, you're using 'tried and true' controls i guess, but it's nothing new.
these aren't my major issues with the gameplay.
my major issue with the gameplay is that it doesn't feel like you're driving a bike. it feels like the road's been magnetized it the bike just sort of glides on it. you don't even move very much on the turns, even though your biker is nearly touching the ground with how far he leans! there's no physics to speak of.
it's also INCREDIBLY easy when you figure out where all the nitro is and just keep spamming z when you pick it up. there's no penalty to using too much nitro. the first time i raced, i literally exploded twice while i was behind everyone and still made it to seventh place. sure, how fast everyone leaves you in the dust when you start the race is a bit off-putting, but you can EASILY catch up.

the other thing i have a problem with is that you have no 'different' bikes.
it's all the same bike. sure, you can upgrade it(funny, a button that says 'play' leads to that screen)but it will never look any different other than the colors. i haven't purchased a ton of upgrades, sure, but it sure doesn't feel any different than it did before.

overall, very stale and pretty boring, feels unnatural, but i can tell work and effort went into this. for me, it's just very 'eh'. nothing phenomenal, but it's a fine and functional game as it is.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sadly, I found some glitches in the UI and most important thing is that you did not include an "upgrade" button instead it is accessible only via the "play" button.

I rated 3 because the gameplay give little to no challenge, upgrades just makes the player a little bit over powered.
I did like the graphics which is really smooth, and I do see the potential in this game to become better.
But overall it is an OK remake of a classic game.