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Wobbly Duck

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Wobbly Duck is a scrolling 2D game featuring pixelated style graphics. Use the A,D or arrow keys to swim, or click on the right side of the screen to swim left, and on the left side to swim right. Pay attention to the wind and its current direction. The indicator on the top will show a different color as the wind's direction is about to change.


just ... ... ... no ... sry ...
though i see there went some work in this, it just does not feel right for me.

If there is wind blowing you sidewards, let it be visible by some animation, leaves or something. Still, this is unplayable for me, and at the current pace, will always be.

My browser supports webgl, but I have a message on your submission that says it doesn't, and it wont load beyond that. It may not be your fault, but if a submission doesn't load for whatever reason, I take that into consideration when voting.

phdo responds:

While your browser may support webgl, not all users have access to it. This is due to the additional requirement for users to have up to date video drivers.
Try this link: http://caniuse.com/webgl
What browser are you using? Perhaps updating it to a more recent version will fix this.
Thank you for commenting.

Never really liked this kind of game anyway but I will rate it highly just because of the nonsense posted below. Not trying to be mean or anything, just thought: If it was going to be a Flappy Bird rip-off, at least the creator done it right.
Regardless, I did enjoy the graphics and all, and for all of you wondering about it, the direction controls probably work like this because it's the way real ducks swim. If you pay attention, they go RIGHT when they strike LEFT with their LEFT paw and vice-versa, so... That was a smart move actually... And also, I don't think the duck it's made of paper, actual ducks are actually white.
It isn't that bad at all... Of course it's not the best game ever or anything like that, but it's not that bad at all!
If you paid attention to the people behind the games you would know it's the creators first game and if you ever tried to create a game you realize how good it is for a first try. Keep it up.

phdo responds:

Thank you. I appreciate the words.

4.5 - Cause ducks can fly...

Again a flappy-sh...
Please stop with that, and this one is neither fun or playable.

phdo responds:

I accept the criticism. However I'd like to say that the game is indeed playable, the indicator will show you when the wind is about to change direction (1 second). The time each direction changes is not set, it is a random small value. Not every game is made to be easy. I chose to respond to you for no particular reason but from what I see in these comments, I suppose every game is a rip off of another game and there should only be 1 first person shooter, for example. I see a lot of games draw from Flappy Bird, for its success, but mine is not a direct clone, I thought that was easy to see, but perhaps I'm wrong.
Thank you for commenting.

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1.62 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2014
10:08 PM EST
Skill - Avoid