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A film I made under the impression of winter 2012 and music by Paysage d'Hiver. Enjoy.

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Well, it is art :D And nicely executed indeed.

P.S.: Greetings fellow sauschwob! ;D

The animation was good.
But the overall storyline was pretty uneventful.
"Spoiler Alert": I mean with the ice king gone in just the first minute and the tramp back to where he started, there really wasn't much of a story at all.

It was decent, but could have included much more... seemed to have large gaps in storyline and plot...
Still, this was a good attempt at an animation and I liked the detail on the characters and how smoothly they moved.

I know it means something... but im not sure what is it, whatever, i dont know if it is just me but that beard joke looks out of place for an animation of that level, its pretty damn good but as i said before, i dont get what it means, also the loud music popping out of nowhere made me jump out of my sit, a very good animation tho

i wish you the best of luck

Not bad for sure, but little slow especially those much to long stops between scenes, 2 times I checked if my comp didn't lost video. Joke with that beard I don't know but knowing who made it i predicted that he will stumble or when he will go to window, it will break up and he will fall.
2nd thing was that you make frozen lands and our little guy have nothing than shirt and used pants. I know its just animation but if for example you could make him full geared but showed that all his food and water is gone. But I didn't took that one star for this. Mostly for that too long stops and too short ending (maybe because you just showed 2 scenes when he sat on throne, and one was used before).
I wanted to write about sound effects but after watching it again, its just you made so loud that king music that rest was to silent to get it. Toning down king music or making more loud rest would be good.

Anyway good stuff hope for more from you in future.

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4.13 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2014
3:16 PM EST