The Relaxing Shore

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Immerse yourself in the breeze of this relaxing shore. Enjoy a calming 3D environment and listen to the sounds of nature at their finest.

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can you add crafting plz like add making boats
so you can go out in water and make it multyplayer

Puffycheeks responds:

Been quite busy lately but I am working on a version two which includes; adding boats, more islands, scripted NPC rafts/ships and more.

Multiplayer? Possibly, thanks for the suggestion. :)

THere could be a bit more to do; the sim is a bit empty right now, but it looks and sounds great

Puffycheeks responds:

That is what I was going for, something that looked and sounded great. I will work on being able to do more and release a second version.

Hmm. You could add footstep sounds for sand and water. I don't know how Unity works, but, if it is similar to UDK, it should be possible. Asides from that, I love the song and the way you applied the sea sound effect.
The textures are well tiled, except maybe for the barrels. The sand and sea look a little bit unrealistic compared to the rocks. No idea what to do about the sea, but I think a lightmap or shadowmap would help on the sand; It doesn't seem to have any shadows falling on it except for the terrain mesh shadow.
The 3d models themselves are pretty good! Imo, the pier could be a little less Rustic, and the bananas... You could add a few trees, or put things belonging to the player(camera) around them. Scattered on the ground are a little bit out of place, since no trees at all are around.
(3.5 review rating, score 3.)

Puffycheeks responds:

Yomiel, thank you for taking the time to look at my submission. In the game engine the shadows do work but I can not figure out why they are not there when I export to HTML. I am still very much a beginner at scripting so there are some things I can not do. I will however take your rustic opinion and trees into consideration.

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4.63 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2014
12:56 AM EST
Adventure - Other