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HULK plays Flappy Bird

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Hulk plays Flappy Bird

Animated by
Glenn O Neill

For more animations check out my channel Coponfilms

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I think everybody hates this game :p

lmao, that is one durable phone! What model could it be, to be able to withstand such destructive power so easily? :D Nice work.


Lol, pretty funny

A cute twist on the current Flappy Bird craze. The art style could have been done better, as well as the sound bytes that were used. The Hulk sounds too much like the Heavy from TF2. Quite plainly, it sounds like the sound bytes in total were all copied from an overused source. A rough voice over would have suited the appearance of the Hulk and Thor better. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the art and sound contrast each other too much, in that the art looks shoddily done and all the effort (albeit copied) was put into the sound editing.

coponfilms responds:

Thanks Jub, yeah the audio I used is from a marvel video game that I mashed together. Thank for all the advice will take it all on board for my next video.