Endless Cycle

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Try to break the cycle.

Made for 1GAM: Loop and Mini Ludum Dare 49: Non-Human Player.

~Collect goodies to run faster and jump higher
~Break through barriers at high speed
~Arrows to move
~P to pause
~N to mute sound
~M to mute music

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He guys, go to his channel, and play all his games. They are all great!

i need to say that this game was weird and i like weird so you 5 stars

Holy f**king s**t, this game is absolute awesomeness. I often complain that your games lack polish in a few aspects, but this one is so well made I have to tip my hat to you.

The graphics are perfectly weird and absurd, I love how everything looks like it comes straight out of a crazy acid trip, yet they look very well drawn and animated (I just wish the platforms themselves varied a bit more, since all of them look like that white-ish shoelace thing, and I also wish the background varied a bit more). Also, the music is complex, eerie and intrincate, and very fun to listen to.

I like this kind of gameplay, revolving around a platforming world in which you must pick stuff up to unlock new abilities in order to reach places you couldn't at first. In this game, that is done in a pretty neat and fun way, requiring quite a bit of exploration to find out what to do next after a certain point in the game. I like how each new area opened is a new loop around the same previously explored area too.

Once again, there's the problem that the reward for winning the game is just a "you won" message. It'd be nice if the game was a bit longer, also, if the reward for winning was a bit more interesting.

Overall, this is quite possibly the best LTPATS game I have played so far. It takes the weirdness, quirkiness and absurdity of his style, puts it to great use in the gameplay, and avoids trying to be very political.

LTPATS responds:

Thanks for the great feedback! Time constraints often make me resort to quick and unsatisfying endings to games, so I'm working toward making them more exciting and rewarding. The awesome character art and animations were all done by RainbowSexyFish :).

Playing this game felt like watching a cyriak video... and I loved it

Your games are so weird, I like it

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2014
2:38 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other