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NWAR #1: Graveyard Shift

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Detective Nwar and the Case of the Cheater/Serial Killer/Ghost.

See more on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/filmnwar


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This deserves to be a new newgrounds classic XD

The first one

Well if this is the first one you have outdone yourself this is how it all started and you have showcased some nice stuff here I really like the work you have showcased and made this a fun film series the whole noir style is awesome the detective charchter is fun

Can't change what's brilliant


Oh man, the first nwar. I didnt get in till the end of season one but i love it. I love it to bits. The puns, the visual gags, always fun revisiting.

Well, What can I say?

I discovered this series with "ooze," and "oz;" and am pleased to uncover with "ooh"s, and "ahh"s, that you reliably never lose applause when it comes to uncovering ruse and laws.
So I begin watching -refuse to pause- from the very beginning; amused because your skills in filling aloof, composed lines relying on loosed prose.

Your pacing is dire, your wordplay inspired, your themes laced in ire and punchlines are pointed.
Your music is mellowing, visuals harrowing, dialogue reveling levels disjointed.
A scurrilous series; full of many mysteries, comedy, history, and spurious lore!
I loved every aspect, despite art style derelict in any impact of serious noir.

One thing must detract from your score;
your animation is quite poor.
Though you did it quick, and I understand it, I cannot consciously grant you more.

So, we find ourselves enthused with jaws yet parted imparting your due guffaws, and bellowing forth with bemused desire to fellow the face of the music prior.

(the latter flattering melodic praise was left enfoeffed to level your raze to claim the name of your second act's song because it was the one thing I want)

Can't believe I'd missed the first episode ofthese. :D Someday, it'll be a classic! Feels classy already, and this is where the color first comes into play - the colorful episode is definitely still a favorite. Great script straight from the start, and maybe... it was the husband that had killed Betty as well? O_o Maybe that was already revealed in a sequel I doth not recall. Great work; onto the next episode...


danmarkowitz responds:

Thanks for going back to the beginning! Maybe Betty was a ghost, or maybe the husband killed her after she hired Nwar, or maybe this was too confusing so I just retconned it in the end of episode 7 by saying that Nwar was drunk whenever anything supernatural seemed to happen. Take your pick.