Hiero Goes To Nilo

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This game is only a prototype created with GMStudio. You must help Hiero at reach his lover Nilo, but the protagonist must cross Evil Chipmunks Forest.

Use Arrow Keys for move Hiero, you can kill enemies ny stomping their heads.

I'm sorry for some bugs in the game.

Art, music, characters and game are created by me.

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Pretty cute game ^^ Love it ! I can't wait to see your improvement !

not bad for a start. graphically its not bad to look at and the controls pretty solid. the music is terrible and I have no idea where your characters hit box is so I died a lot not knowing where to jump on enemies. also making jumps where you have to jump precisely at the end of a ledge to clear the whole jump isn't a fun challenge it is just frustrating. otherwise great effort you are on your way

Really boring, I hate the background piano, it's messy and annoying and doesn't fir the game. Although, I liked how when I died, Hiero makes the same noise my cat does when I step on her tail!

You show great potential. You have room to improve but I'm sure you will as you grow into a respected developer.

Your characters are very cute and the simplicity of the audio matches that of the graphics wonderfully.. The little things like Hiero bouncing on his landing that show an attention to detail that will take you far.

The only major bugs that stood out are:
When the game restarts you end up with 2 copies of the BGM playing out of sync.
It is possible to hit the corner of a platform so you just float there and don't fall as long as you hold the arrow in that direction.

Also you have one big issue I choose to attribute to the game just being an early prototype: the audio is too loud with no way to adjust or silence it.

The game graphics are nice, I like them.

The bugs/What I don't like :

-On one of the screens there is a hole in hill ( missing block )
- When you start to play the game for second time, two soundtracks start to play at the same moment, making the music a piecie of mess.
- The music sounds, like some amateur performed this on keyboard, It doesn't fit well to this game.
- The game is to short

I Can't say I don't like this. But it's far from perfect.

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2.47 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2014
10:17 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop