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Tiny Angry Eyecandy Saga:

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Author Comments

This game was initially made for Global Game Jam 2014. All in all it took us less than 48 hours to create this game. But we thought the game came out nice enough that we wanted it to be played, so here it is. Make your way through the level and try not to die. Activating blocks on yourself will make you die. The character automatically runs and cannot in any way be stopped. When the character runs into a wall it turns around and runs the other way.

Caught between the cracks in cyberspace, a man finds the interpolation-algorithms responsible for representing the world in a manner acceptable to humans have broken down. Things used to have meaning and importance. Now all he can see is the raw binary flow of information.
Is escape possible?

Contains mad beats, should be played with headphones or a very large subwoofer.

WARNING: The game contains a lot of flashing colors that may or may not cause you discomfort.
Keyboard Controls:
A - Activate red blocks
S - Activate blue blocks
9 - Activate green blocks
0 - Activate yellow blocks
Space - Jump
R - Restart Level
Esc - Return to menu

Xbox 360 Gamepad Controls:
B - Activate red blocks
X - Activate blue blocks
A - Activate green blocks
Y - Activate yellow blocks
LB - Jump
Back - Restart Level
Start - Return to menu

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I found the game to be interestingly challenging (in a good way) with pretty good background music. The controls were simple to understand; at least the keyboard controls were, I don't know about the Xbox360 controls, as I don't own an Xbox.
There's only two things I can complain about in this game:
1) There's this glitch that happens every now and then where the guy freezes in place and the only solution I've found to that would be to stop pressing whatever button I was pressing and make the boxes disappear. This usually happened at the corner of a box.
2) For me personally, I found the background colors (the red, blue, yellow, green, or mix of those colors) to be a bit of a pain for my glasses wearing eyes after playing for a while. The problem for me seemed to be that the colors were of the neon type and strained my eyes.

Other than that great game, especially in such a limited amount of time.

whuop responds:

I'm glad you liked it! Sorry for hurting your eyes :(. The getting stuck on corners bug has been fixed. But newgrounds refuses to let the new version work. But I will keep trying to get it working.

Controls are really messed up, makes the game very unweildy.

whuop responds:

If you mean the keyboard controls, it takes some time getting used to. The reason for placing the bindings as we've done is cause we needed to place them far from each other on the keyboard in order to get multiple pressed buttons to work on most older keyboards as well. Some older keyboards can only handle 2 - 3 buttons pressed down at once close to each other.

This game is pretty cool. Like the addition of a 360 gamepad, though It can get pretty hard at times. But, overall, it's a really good game.

whuop responds:

We're very happy to hear that you liked the game. And we're happy you found it hard. Hard was what we were aiming for! :).

Very fun and challenging game. I like the graphics - it's simple but very interesting. Good music too. You did a great job in the very short time you had. The only thing wrong with it is that occasionally if I jumped onto the corner of a block, my guy would freeze in place like he was stuck and would not move until I made the blocks disappear. It seems like maybe a bug in the collision detection system, I'm not sure. Very fun though, I like it! :)

whuop responds:

I'm very glad you liked it! Yep the corner thing is a bug that we didn't have time to resolve. Luckily theres the reset button! Will fix that bug somewhere in the near future.

good music but i cant get the menu to work. not sure if you nead to click or type something in.

whuop responds:

Use the arrow keys to go up and down in the menu. Press Space or Enter to start playing the map the 'cursor' is currently at.

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2014
7:15 PM EST