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Les aventure du Super1337

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Author Comments

***quick warning for stupid people, use the arrow keys to move around the map***

There, we made a reasonable game. A monotonous, dull, full of bugs but reasonable game. Most of everything is explained in the help section, but I can't stress one thing enough; IF YOU HAVE A CRAPPY COMPUTER TURN IT TO LOW QUALITY. Otherwise we'll get 50 reviews from people bitching about jerky/laggy controls, and no one wants that.

With regard to the reviews, please be as scathing as you desire (like you need to be prompted), we know about all the bugs in the game and are more than willing to give 'reasonable' 'explanations' for them. We fight criticism with witticisms, so have at you.

Oh, and if you like the game, thanks.

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on ai francai et c le seul jeu francai?


sorry to say it (wait, no im not) but the game was crap. the control over the ship sucks. It takes way to long to start moving in any direction, and when you finally get moving, you have to go the other way, wich takes eve longer. If you want to make the game better, i suggest you fix that, and the fact that you can only fire one shot every few seconds.

Kinda stupid

Uhm so yea, i have a pretty good computer turned it on low quality and it was still horrible controls and gameplay, the levels seemed to go on forever, just stick with your day job.


Better than froig man and Rodger!
why did you even make those?!

Hey, I liked it...

Perhaps I'm just a sucker for games like this. I strongly reccomend setting the game quality to low, anyone who plays this - even if your machine is pretty good. It runs a whole lot smoother...

There was some work put into this, as evidenced by the variety of enemy attacking styles... they all had different attack styles, which is better than I was expecting. (Judging from the reviews, I thought you'd have used one type of enemy fighter or something. ;P.) And the bosses were interesting - some actually made you think. If anything, this game needs more levels... MOOOREE LEEEVVEELLLSSS!!! ... and a way to get some lives back. XP
But I suppose that's the challenge, eh? ^_^;

Anyway, not bad. Even if everyone out there running some piece of trash computer with 64 MB of RAM would care to disagree. Well done!