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Neverending Chevalier

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Neverending Chevalier puts you in the shoes of a brave knight and his trusty steed. Faced with an intriguing, everchanging tower, there's no option but to climb it up all the way to the top. Harsh weather, strange creatures and uncooperative floor tiles will be encountered. Glory will be acquired in the convenient form of coins and trinkets. Your name will be inserted in legends.

In a nutshell: Reach the top of the tower. Grab as many coins and trinkets as possible on your way up. Don't fall down.

- Coins are worth (1 x multiplier)
- Trinkets are worth (10 x multiplier), and raise said multiplier by 1
- Losing a life resets the multiplier to 1
- A time bonus is awarded at the end of each section, which takes into account the multiplier

LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move
Z or UP to jump (move toward walls to stick to them, jump off them with Z or UP)
X or DOWN to dash (on the ground or in mid-air)

Alternate control scheme (WASD):
A and D to move
L or W to jump (move toward walls to stick to them, jump off them with L or W)
K or S to dash (on the ground or in mid-air)

In-game menus are navigable either with mouse or keyboard - use Z or L to select an option, X or K to go back.

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Not a bad game at all! The controls are all pretty solid, and I found myself genuinely challenged and interested once I got past the first level.
However, the gameplay was a little bit confusing. I honestly had no idea how the damage system worked, and if I was attacking those floating skull things or not. I also failed to understand what the point of the dash was.
Although I'm not really sure how a person on a horse can walljump I'm glad it's there, otherwise the game would have been impossible.

This is a very fun and addicting game! I like those type of platform games where you jump to higher places to get a good score. I also like how it gets more challenging the more higher you go. Great job making this!

I found this a fun arcade platformer, I wasn't too good at it, but the game was fun while it lasted.

this game is stupid

This is a pretty fun game. It doesn't last for very long, and by the second level the difficulty suddenly ramps up. Suddenly there's enemies, snow blinding you, and slippery platforms. Still it's good for a few minutes entertainment.

Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2014
1:45 PM EST

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