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Word Tower

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Protect the word tower as long as possible!

Press on the letters to create a word with at least 3 letters. Match the color of the first letter to protect the tower! Get the best score possible!

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I personally liked it. While some added difficulty (as mentioned below) would be nice. I think touching up the dictionary, by adding more words would be nice. Because I was surprised to see a words like "Noah, Ox, Abe" amongst others, not even usable here. I get it, it's tough and probably mind bending to keep track of all the words you made accessible. But it gives you grounds on things to add for another game of this sorts.

I agree with Javike below: it's not bad, but it's too easy to just keep going and going and going. I'd suggest making it get harder as it goes along (or if it already gets harder - which I didn't notice after playing it for 10 minutes or so - make it get harder faster). Increase the minimum word length to four, or require two letters that match the colour of the first letter, or something like that, so that it becomes more challenging.

The game is very good, a bit difficult for non native english speakers but ok..
Need more words like "rome" it's a valid word but don't work on this game.. "Brazil" is another one..

Having to click each word is pretty boring if we could use the keyboard would be much better.

Not bad. But for a word game I feel that the game moves painfully slow. It goes on and on until you pretty much bet bored of trying to string words together. Sometimes the turnover of vowels is too small and it's becomes impossible to string words together forcing you to use a precious skip. Check your algorithm and make sure that you get at least one vocal per new turn.

Very neat.

I love fun with words.

shajby responds:

thank you :)