Arfenhouse: The Movie

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This movie was first released April 21, 2002. This is the story about the Arfenhouse, a large, facetless mansion in the middle of nowhere, owned by Housemaster, a strange bread-like hero person. There is also a cat, a dog, an incoherent rat, and one guy stuck in the middle. Watch them save the world. Features optional captions and two hidden thingies.

-(7/22/03)- I ought to mention here that AHTM2 is out and doing quite well on Newgrounds. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=110131

-(8/10/03)- Hooray, we're utilizing the portal buddy thingy. Now additional credit can be given where credit is due. Hooray!


jus awesome

i dono how long this is but however long this video is its worth all the time i spend watchin it and how many times i watch it to so random and funny lol cant wait fer number 3


i hated it i remember watching it when i was younger, and i luvd it, but now i dont like it. i gave u a 5 coz you tried, but im not so sure u TRIED


This is probably the most random I've ever seen!! This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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just bloody awesome

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The original!

It is great to see where this fantastic series started, especially with how surreal it is. I think the main joke is that no matter how insane this is, it still manages to make more sense than the animutations that it parodies. The most fun is that you simply do not know when this thing ends. It is especially fascinating how the single character is drawn in regular style in contrast to the cheesy drawn designs of the other characters. The best funning gag was probably the cat creatures breaking through the windows. It even happens in space!

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Sep 8, 2002
12:55 PM EDT
Comedy - Original