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Blob Adventure 2: Escape

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Author Comments

The basic idea of every level is to touch the "Goal" object by moving Blob with the arrow keys. Collecting energy orbs will give Blob health and in some screens you will need to collect all the orbs in order to proceed.

I started creating this game 10 years ago (2004) when I was around the age of 14. It was a follow up to "Blob Adventure" (which I have uploaded to new grounds). I got around to finishing it in 2005.

Before I uploaded this game to Newgrounds I went back and edited the game a bit. I made the a bit graphics better, added a lives system, fixed the numerous spelling mistakes and made some levels less unfair. I originally had 2 levels in the game which you had to move your mouse to get through, they are still in the game I just made it easier for the player to figure it out.

My biggest inspirations for this game was The Legend of Zelda along with all the games I created when I first started making games at the age of 12. The story of this game was made to lead up to Blob Adventure 3 which was a project I never started.

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Poor Graphics? Yes. Bad RNG? Yes. Good Gameplay Overall? Surprisingly, yes.


Honestly I'm surprised anyone used my stuff. ^^ Still decent game. Keep trying. Can only improve over time.

Actually, the graphics are really poor, and the inconsistency of the gameplay is annoying.

...MS Paint - the game...

The controls are sloppy and the graphics are... sorry but they actually are poor...
So my advice would be to get your hands on Adobe Flash. It's way easier to create some decent graphics in Flash and the Language is easy to learn.

For matters of music: There is free music and license free music out there if you were to google about that I'm sure you can find your source... in case you really want to make your own music I can recommend Ableton Live or if it should be free Milkytracker (http://www.milkytracker.org/). Milkytracker will need some time for you to work out how things are done, while Live basically comes with everything set up just waiting for you to start making patterns or playing keyboard.
... So what I would try is to get one catchy melody ... just like a few tones, now try to alter that melody a little bit, it can already be enough to set the last note down or up... but it's something you can try and error... you will hear it... now the 'trick' can be to just use the same melody over and over again (but not too many times pls) but to use different instruments for it. you can also shift the melody one octave up or down... maybe more just hear what works for you.
Okay if you got your melody set up you also need a ground beat. you can start with the beat or the melody it really doesn't matter. By altering the ground beat when you change the melody instrument you can already set a new setting to the music... just try around with a second layer like a bass instrument ... something like that, if you got the basic melody and it's alteration you should be set for experiments.

The game play is okay but the graphics and the music really kill it if you ask me...
I think if you want to rework this it could become an okay game.