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stretchy-man episode 1

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episode 1.
watch on here or youtube!
newgrounds http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/632138?updated=1
youtube http://youtu.be/qKfbcM5zFeo
strechyman is a lovable bald dude who can strech himself anyway he wishes (more better animated episodes coming soon!

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It's hard to describe how mentally and physically draining this movie is. These nightmarish cluttered ideas loosely strung together in a wonderfully unique art style left me so unbelievably tired.

Each of the many philosophical musings are delivered as a monotone statements, leaving the implications to be processed completely by the viewer, guaranteeing no identical experience from person to person.

I don't feel any similarity to Stretchyman, in myself or in anyone I've ever known, yet his struggle to piece together what even the most basic of his sometimes horrifying and sometimes pulchritudinous surroundings should mean feels deeply personal.

Early on I was taken out of the experience by a few laughable moments inevitably dotted throughout an incredibly scattered storyline. However, as the movie progressed, and unlike Stretchyman, gained focus, those lapses in immersion became few and far between.

Requires another watch, once I've gotten over the first.

I didn't understand what happened at the end but I really liked it!

I love it!

Good stuff. Not super great. But it was very entertaining and I'm looking forward to more episodes!

Megacharlie responds:

thanks! i love this fanbase its so epic!!! XD

Not bad. If your looking for any tips, the only one I would give is to look up Animation Phenomes. This will help give a more accurate lip sync (if you think you want that in your animation, I understand certain styles may not use this technique on purpose). Hope any of this helps! Keep em' comin!

Megacharlie responds:

thanks XD im working on a trailer for here and youtube and then ill be making a couple new episodes.