Combat Instinct 3

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I decided to put CI3 on NG because there were some problems with its host which made it unavailable at times.

After being on Flashstyle.org since november, you can now play the entire game on NG with improved sound quality and smaller filesize.

Aml51z from Flashstyle.org did these improvements as well as adding 2 secret weapons in level 2 and 3 (these weapons are extremely powerful and i consider those cheats, so i wont tell you how to get them. visit the Flashstyle forum to find out or email aml51z@flashstyle.org)

Get your CI Merchandise! :) http://www.cafeshops.com/cp/store.aspx?s=ci3mcfretn


you kinda spoilt it

When you shoot enemies they jerk about back to positions they were in before, screwing up the shot. Also shields should die after a hit, because melee shield mobs cannot be killed until they get to u, and everything behind them that you cant see can still shoot u...

Too %$#@ING HARD!

Dude I love Combat INSTINCT 1 and 2. But this on really suck's the enemy's are to strong none of my bullet's hit them. And the sword guy's have no weekness! This suck's bro! I sugest remaking it so it look's and feel's like the second and first one.
But it is a all around good game tho. Just really REALLY hard. :)


boring as..... slow, bad grafix terrible.....
lol korded likes all the stuff i hate :p

This game is way too hard for me to even play anymore.

what the heck

I an't mean but the game lackes HARD WORK it needs to be much more interactive and faster fireing and other shit it is alright but VERY boring (the loading game was fun that gets a 9 compared to the real game)

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4.44 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2002
7:06 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail
  • Daily Feature September 8, 2002