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The blind hunter

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This is my first release on newgrounds (or anywhere to be honest). The prototype for this game was made for the ludum dare 48 game jam challenge where the game received 60th place overall out of 1000+. I have since improved it and hopefully you enjoy!
Let me know what you guys think! Feedback is greatly appreciated.
You will need a unity plugin in order to play.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mr_Tedders
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrTedders

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Great game! Excellent at the start, but the quality fades away as a player proceeds trough the game. There are some game-breaking bugs and "cheating" tips, that are still bugs.
Whenever I go in the locket I can't get out.
Sometimes I can run into the wall and slowing my walk speed I can walk trough them.
It's kinda weak that you can only win the level by killing the red enemy.
Some tutorial would be nice, as well as reminding players that they can move with arrow keys THAT DON'T MAKE SOUND WAVES!

The idea is great, but the game needs some tips, better tutorial, bug fixes and maybe some voice acting because, you know, you are blind and you should not be able to read, but this is good enough.

One more thing: Add some slow and some fast music for battle/non-battle moments. Even very quiet, it would be good.

A great premise, Blinding the player and basing all of his vision on movement, makes some cool gameplay. stealth is as easy as not moving, figuring that out is just gamer intuition. you have to walk along the walls to find them, as a blind person would, this can create some annoying gameplay, but I get why it was kept the way it was. The way movement works also creates a blurred area of the where the player actually is, so just dodging and fighting isn't really an option, or at least is harder to do then stealth, which is a smart choice. The only problems i find in the game are two things, first gameplay is very slow, without enough reward in between, since the game is based on sound, adding some audio segments instead of just text would be nice, would add to reward for gameplay and story. Second sound going throw walls causes some issues with stealth, even letting you beat level 3 early by alerting the target from far away. Having some collisions with sounds on the walls would not only solve this, but also make finding paths easier for the player, sound would be shown hitting corners better, highlighting walls that where hit would do good as well. Good game, its difficult, interesting,eerie, and has some scary stealth moments

MrTedders responds:

Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed the game!

its diffcult getting around that thing in the hallway on level two i assume any suggestions about that. other than that a real interesting game i cant wait to try and beat.

MrTedders responds:

level two is about waiting and patience. gotta hide

I really like the idea of the game, it's original, fun and fairly scary at times for it made me jump a fair bit.

MrTedders responds:

Thanks! Im glad you enjoyed it.

I can't pick that thing up... what the hell...

MrTedders responds:

Strange, is this happening on the first level?