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25 seconds to win!

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Hi my name is mmorehose20 and this is my first game.
Left=Left key
Right=Right key
FIXED* Sorry for the die when you start i need to fix that im using a program called stencyl that is easy to use but also it sometimes limited.

Update: added music
made level 2
made enemy
added story/voice acting story press space at screen to skip.

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for your 1st game
I know how it is

level 2 has lots of glitches I keep getting stuck in walls, ground or platforms

Seeing as how you're new, I'll cut you a little slack. The graphics are all canned. They're from the stencyl demos. The little green guys and wierd pointy bug creatures can be found in other games on here. I don't think you really programmed the game, as (Like I said before,) the controls are far too similar to many of the platforming games on the site. With some more practice and effort you have potential. Good luck, I look forward to seeing how you will make your mark on this site with your games.

It works as a game, and it only took three tries to beat...but I just don't understand the why. I mean, as a first game this looks more like something that you'd do yourself to get used to a program and delete more than an actual finished game. The addition of the yellow checkpoint to confuse people is good, but it also loses it's meaning after the first try unless you'd randomly select which side is going to be the red and which is going to be the yellow. The rest of my comments are already in other peoples writings, but I'm just thinking it needs a lot more to be entertaining.

Needs Music. Needs more sounds. Could use maybe moving platforms or something that requires more than one animation. Graphics are pretty nice. This shouldnt be one level only, try to increase playing time.