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[LL] Assassins

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In the far off land of Los Locktos, One of the most powerful lock figures calls forth an unlikely team to care of some business..

give the movie time to load please!

1/4: Sweet Mama Front Page again! YAY!!! I LOVE YOU NG!!

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right........wtf is going on?

This was the best movie ever.

Just a spectacular movie. So much drama, so much betrayal. Great work!

i would give more but i did not get the fuck was going on sorry

SavvyOverDog responds:

Its a flash crew thing.. but if you could clarify what exactly I would be happy to know. If not, I'm gonna assume you're new here.

haha, nice to see a lock legion movie once again!
it was funny, and i liked it, with funny story, goofy characters, and lots of internet drama, and betrayal, just how i like my LL/CC flashes!

good job man, join the clock crew instead, or we will defeat you! lol!
keep it up, and do more!


SavvyOverDog responds:

Thank you I will continue making more. Your invitation to the darkside is tempting, but I have enough responsibility as it as. :3