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Not Mulan

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Watch it before I get sued :D

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That was funny, and cute :D

just my kind of humor! Keep up the good work man!

LOL, Funniest Short I have ever seen! It made me laugh and most Flashes I've seen these days isn't that Humorous! I liked it, Although, Next Time add a Preloader! Without a Preloader, The Animation Gets Annoying repetitive! Also, If you want to end something with your Credits Write Something about Parody that is Borrowed under the Fair Use Act! Then Even If Disney Tries to File a Lawsuit It won't Work because of the Fair Use Act! :P

removing the static in the background is so easy, don't see why they couldn't have done so, animatrion was good, always room for improvement of course, not bad

not bad. much better than anything i could do. but it doesnt have that much humor, you're on your way though. ;)