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A cartoon by Marc M.

with help from: Coplin L. – compositing and effects
Jessica W. – background paintings

visit SickAnimation.com for more groovy cartoons and stuff.

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Despite it being six years old, I still enjoy revisiting this short. I give this classic a 12 dead Darryls out of 10!

Love it! We don't know quite what to expect going in but it's a great build up and execution. Damn Darryl!

LOL, the title and the genre of the video literally make no fucking sense, but I guess that's a part of the humor since you don't know what to expect. XD

Someone got Darryl? That guy was a beast in a street fight! Man, I just saw him, like... like... well, maybe it's been a while. But it's cool. I owed Darryl twenty bucks.

On a serious note, love your animation style, and I never know what to expect. A whole story in less than the time it takes to flush a toilet. Have to watch again...

The more you watch the funnier it becomes