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Drive as far as possible.
To make good results and gain more points you should collect the gas and make tricks. Good luck!

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Nice, simple game. It does get a bit over repetitive, so I'll offer a few suggestions (for what they're worth) for if you want to make a sequel. In the end though it plays well and looks nice so it is well worth 4 stars.

1. While I got used to the idea that touching the roof counted as a "crushed" it is extraordinarily sensitive. Surely you could survive a light grazing?
2. The flip sensor should be more generous - a flip should count as a 360 relative to flat ground rather than from your take off position. They are rarely worth attempting as it is.
3. Maybe have randomly located temporary power-ups, like a roof spring (good for saving you from being crushed once), suspension grease (makes you jump higher for a time) or turbo boosts.
4. You should get credit for pulling wheelies.
5. I think you should have a rethink about the music. On mute the game has a vibe of sombre futility (in a good way) - you're driving at dusk / dawn to nowhere, for no reason. But then the music is all rinky-dinky frivolity. Maybe something inspired by Sandy Bull or John Fahey would be better.
6. You should get a better idea of what you're driving into - like have a small bar at the bottom that displays two or three screens ahead, so that you can plan your jumps and tricks rather than being purely at the mercy of fortune with how and where you land.

Just a tip to those who are playing the game and running out of gas - you should be using the hills and divots to jump and earn air time points and you don't need to accelerate while in the air.

Nice job!
Some hints:
1. Let the car stop before stop the game. I could have taken that fuel =D
2. You could create a new version, where the time passes (changing the colors and the illumination):
2.a. First time, black foreground, orange background
2.b. A motion makes the background go from orange to light blue. The foreground start getting lighter/brighter. The green of the mountain, the color of the truck...
3.c. The afternoon, the sunset, the night, until the sunrise =)

Sorry for my poor English.

Deceptively simple but fun. The "touch your roof and die" approach dramatically increases the difficulty. One downside is that collision with the towers also causes death, which is just frustrating. The "flip" detection also seems a little strict - if you are jumping from your run up a hill, earning a "flip" score you to rotate all the way to your original orientation angle, which essentially forces the player to choose between a flip with a sloppy tail-drag landing, or abandon the potential flip points and get a good landing. This also seems to be frustrating rather than intentionally just challenging. I like the lack of checkpoints and the focus on gas cans as it requires the ongoing exercise of skill without any fallback mechanism. With a fix to the flip detection and the non-ground collision death, I would certainly increase my score. Overall a fun little concept that just needs some tweaks.

Fun game! The fuel limitations started getting a bit annoying after a while, but that's part of the challenge I guess. I think I'd prefer just a time-based challenge without fuel, or more specific levels, so it's more about doing stunts than collecting gas. Keep it going!


hill climb racing shadow style

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3.57 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2013
6:47 PM EST
Sports - Racing
  • Daily 3rd Place December 10, 2013