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Stick Dicks Episode 1

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Author Comments

This is my first ever fIash animation with a story. It is pretty bad but atleast I tried.

You may want to put your volume low, because the second scene gets pretty loud. Sorry about that.

Also, I have no idea why Alex's mouth is moving while he enters the scene at the beginning. I don't know how to fix it, so sorry about that too.

Anyway, please enjoy it and review it as well! Critism is allowed so I can improve next time, but don't be so harsh since this is pretty much my first real try at animation.

Expect more episodes of Stick Dicks to come soon!

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Animation is hard and takes time so dont give up. You will get better. Im happy to teach you some things but note I use Flash 8. and for sound I use Adacity.

PsychoZoid responds:

I made this animation almost three years ago but thanks for the review. And sure, I would love for you to teach me some things on animating in Flash. :-)

The pacing is slow, and you see jokes coming from a mile away.

PsychoZoid responds:

Thanks for the review. I will improve on the jokes next time, I will promise you that.

Hilarious short pilot episode, I would love to see more. Try to make your voice louder though, please?

PsychoZoid responds:

Thanks! And I will make more episodes. About my voice, I'm recording it with a microphone built into my laptop so that's why the audio quality isn't so good. I think I will have to buy a new microphone, or I might do have one in my home somewhere. But if I have to use the built-in microphone again for my next animation I will try to make my voice louder.

it made me smile but It didn't really make me laugh I think that its a good way to go they just need to work on there material and to get a little better at your animation

PsychoZoid responds:

Thank you for the review. For my next animation, I'm definitely going to take more time on it, and of course, think of better funny material.