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The Push Up Challenge

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I've been doing push ups since July and figured I should animate my experience. I hope you guys enjoy this animation! I animated this in about 2 weeks, it was a lot of fun to make.

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i really enjoyed the video and i really want to try the push up challange xD
Here Comes The Pain ; _ ;

I do 2 and i call it quits...

I actually accomplished my first 100 push-ups how you did...Except I didn't have any training. When I actually did a lot of push-ups in a row, I only got to like, 60 or 70. I couldn't continue because my arms felt like they died; This actually inspired me to go at it again, although this time, I'm gonna be training my arms for the final test. Thank you for submitting this video, it really is an inspiration for me to do this again.

Congrats on reaching one hundred push-ups! That's some good shit! Plus, the video was nice, and I felt myself invested in the outcome while watching it.

Before I saw it was a movie, I saw the title and I thought oh my god that's the saddest game ever submitted.