Madness Salvation

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Madness Salvation was something I worked on very long ago but then stopped, I dont know why but I did and I felt bad for Cheshyre making this song for me and it didnt get submitted, so I found it and submitted it :3. I also made this like 2 years ago, so no feedback is required. Thankza clat for helpin me getting this thing out <3 c:


in an earlier comment you said something about the assault rifle.

sometimes animators like to add in a couple of new weapons left and right so yah... i don't really know

4/5 because not finished. Still it might be my fav mc animation. What's the soundtrack tho?

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If only you'd were to finish it :/

a memorable tribute, its a shame that the animator lacked the motivation to make a proper ending, its sad to see how we can be our own worst critics sometimes, i wish that some people wouldn't be so damn self-critical and never take animation too serious and make it just for fun.

the animation seems pretty neat to me, the 3D effects are not that good and neither the sound quality, but no reason to call it a bad work, in fact, this was one of the best tributes i've ever seen in a long time, it have some minor flaws like the screen turns red or yellow almost everytime and the camera shaking making me think that the animation takes place on a truck or something on motion, but the animation was so damn fluid that compensates everything no matter how old it is, the music fits so well, in fact, the music were made for this animation.

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Love it.

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4.35 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2013
4:30 PM EST