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TFA Mobile: Clone Wars

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Antar True Jedi 25 Points

Score at least 13k in Area 3

Balmorra True Jedi 25 Points

Score at least 12k in Area 2

Coruscant True Jedi 25 Points

Score at least 12k in Area 1

Malevolence True Jedi 25 Points

Score at least 14k in Area 4

Darth Umbra True Jedi 50 Points

Earn all Emblems with Sith Interceptor

Luciara True Jedi 50 Points

Earn all 5 Emblems with Jedi Interceptor

Melanie True Jedi 50 Points

Earn all 5 Emblems with Slave 1

Teejay True Jedi 50 Points

Earn all 5 Emblems with Twilight

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Download this game for your Android device! Go to:
for instructions! Link is also available on the main menu!
Sorry, not available for ipad or iphone, (unless someone wants to sponsor it by giving me $100 for the iOS developer fee).

Mouse to move ship, Control key to pause.

This is the mobile companion to my Tie Fighter Assault SE game I released a few weeks ago. Mechanics are the same but gameplay is more score and time based. And it features a whole new plot based on the Clone Wars Malevolence story arc. Plus the characters are sporting new outfits and ships! You can play it here for some medals or download the app for an exclusive Malevolence boss fight!

Since this was designed to be a mobile app game, speed and file size were favored over quality. But I think it turned out pretty good. Please leave a comment with your suggestions/complaints. I love getting feedback on my work. But if you're going to vote 0 and bash the game (or me), then at least explain your reasons. Otherwise, you just look like a jerk.

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Gameplay was fine, nothing too exciting though. I had no idea what the scanner stat did because I couldn't fit the entire game on my screen, which was mildly annoying. While playing it again for this review I still can't tell what the scanner does. Regardless, the game was very easy with the slave 1; I didn't come close to dying at any point and the final boss was laughable. It's probably more difficult on mobile though since they can't use mice.

About the powerups: I couldn't really distinguish between the bomb and the shield before I picked them up, not a big deal though. They spawn too quickly! It's easy to stay topped off since they drop to the bottom of the screen and you can pick them up without any risk. If you wanted to make the game harder, decrease their spawn time, have them float around the top half of the screen so you have to take a risk to pick them up, and have only 1 be on the screen at any point. Currently it's way too easy to stay topped off at full hp.
3.5 stars since the game is solid, good controls and music.

teejay-number13 responds:

Well I'm not sure if you played the full version of the game, since this is just the mobile version. But a lot of your questions may be answered there. The scanner stat in the full version counts down to the end of the level since every enemy you destroy decreases it. In this version is first counts down the enemy kills (since you have to get a certain number to kills to pass the level) and then it counts down to true jedi status.

Yeah this game is a bit easier on here then on the mobile. In the full version, the final boss is a bit trickier but I decided to switch it up here even though it made him a lot easier. but people prefer quick easy stuff on their mobile games (or so I've heard). Thanks for the review!

Great game. It's just as fun as you main game and a good pass time between classes. I I had a android device I would certainly get it. Sadly I only got a windows phone.

teejay-number13 responds:

Thanks. I'm not sure where a windows phone fits in regards to apps. I thought there were only android and iOS. Are you sure it wont play android apps?

Ok I'm a tad confused; I see a few unjustifiably bad reviews. First of all you have explicitly informed all players that it is a mobile version so obviously it is unreasonable to expect the standard to be at the highest you see on Newgrounds. Also generally the game needs to be of a simple premice for it to be practical on a mobile device.

After playing your Tie Fighter Assault SE game I can see where you have altered the game to make it applicable for a mobile device. Now a few people have flagged up the graphics. Now Yes they are not amazing but they are practical and something which will improve the more you practice. There are no conflicting colours (something I see too much of, where you can't see what your doing as your character is the same colour as the background). Also I noticed that you had put some special attention into your characters, the small animations (blinking etc.) good touches I like the attenton to detail.

Overall your game is a well designed, simple, addictive and has clearly been crafted well for the mobile game genre. I would love to see a variety of games expanding on your characters (I missed the voice acting in this version :( but understand why it wasn't there). The only main reason I didn't vote a 5 for this is simply because I see potential for expansion: Ship upgrades, more story ( I love stories) More character development and yes graphically.

But good job, I have tried many a time to make a Flash game but could never see it through to the end :P So gratz on making something of this quality :D

teejay-number13 responds:

Thanks! Yeah assuming the detractors arent intentionally being jerks, most probably haven't played the full game and don't understand that this was a dumbed down version for mobile play. Thanks for noticing the small details with the characters and I'm glad you liked them. Some dialogue would have been fun in this being that it has a different story but it wouldn't have been practical. I won't be making any more fan flash games because there's just too much red tape. Almost no other site would host this (kongregate, gamersafe, etc.) because it isn't "original content". I didn't add upgrades to either version because because there are several playable ships (each with different stats) and because the story is short. If the game had a long story and only one ship, then I would have definitely added upgrades.

Graphics leave much to be desired, but that's probably the least of your issues (no one who reads "made using flash" will expect HQ animation, anyway). Controls are pretty responsive considering they're mouse guided, which is nice. Each stage adds a little more difficulty and a different background: No new ships, no boss battle at each stage end. It's too repetitive, and the game is not really addictiong so you could ignore that flaw. Only reason to play the game more than once is NG medal system.
Your only boss battle is little more than a regular enemy with more HP. It can be easily kited going left to right. And after dying it just dissapears like any regular enemy, too.

teejay-number13 responds:

Well yeah the graphics are low because this is the mobile version and not lagging was my concern. People aren't going to care what the graphics look like if the game is lagging too bad. If my play the full game Tie Fighter Assualt SE, it has the things you mentioned (extra ships, end level bosses). This was really meant to be a dumbed down version of that one, just with a different story, that you could play on your android. Thanks for the review.

This game could use a graphical update and more enemies or a score pickup/powerup because it was impossible for me to get all the score requirements even when killing every enemy. And if possible perhaps an upgrade system. Otherwise a pretty decent game

teejay-number13 responds:

Hmm... where you playing this version or the mobile version? Lag doesn't seem to affect the timer but it does affect the rate in which enemies appear. Try setting the quality to low on the options. And it sounds like your system can't handle the better graphics. The reason the graphics quality is low was to prevent lag.

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2013
2:24 PM EST