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QwertyFish: Fishin' for a Mission is a "complete enoughâ„¢" game I salvaged from the remains of another game I had started that definitely WASN'T "complete enoughâ„¢." My original project, Dick Argonauts: Fishin' for a Mission (In Time), was a time traveling fishing real-time strategy game. The game design was mildly fleshed out, and I had drawn a shitload of fishes. Then I realized that it probably wouldn't actually be that fun of a game, so I abandoned it. I had a bunch of fish graphics lying around, so I started making this. I got tired of making this, but, lo and behold, it was already in a playable state! Since I knew I would never make the effort to "finish" this game (since it was started and ended in roughly a week in August), I decided that I might as well put it online so that people can enjoy it if they want to.

QwertyFish is a game where you mash your keyboard and scream at your monitor in a desperate attempt to catch fish from various time periods that happen to be in the Mediterranean Sea. You can use trade your fish for money which can be used to help you buy things that will help you get more fish. Such is life in our desperate capitalistic world.

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This game won't start for me but I still gave it 5 stars because it seemed like a game I would enjoy

Really funny game. Kind of a lng descripiton, but that's allright.
Just once or twice it didn't work to pull the fish, I had to click the screen again.

The game is decently amusing, but I've gotta be honest - your graphics are terribly uninspired! The drawings of fish, however, look very detailed and realistic. I don't understand why that is, though I did know someone before who couldn't draw worth a damn, except his drawings of fish were excellent. Quite fishy.

Anyway, I like your story and game description. The capitalistic end game leaves something to be desired, though. Personally, I think I would have liked this better as a more generic sort of typing game where you just hit the key rather than having to hold it down. My computer beeps at me when I press more than 3 keys at once.

not a bad game. granted, the graphics could be upgraded a bit, and you could put a bar on there to show their strenth would be nice. also, if you added a note in there that tells you what key to push to go to town other than at the first screen cause i can almost gauntee you that no one is going to read that. how can i guantee this? because i didnt. I had to reload the game and go back and read it. only reason i didnt rank it 0. controls are not intuitive so you should display them

Game has potential

It's okay for a game that wasn't meant to be released xD It's a fun time killer, that's for sure.