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The Sorrows

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A small tribute to the Simpsons. I do not own any of the characters and designs presented in this film.

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So much told with no words, great job dude!

Excellent you really built it up i was expecting a popout but the sounds and theme really give it the creepyness while getting you intimidated.
This video let you know how easy your are to scare by not using anything gory or stereotypical, thesimpsons?? Definetely random and oppositte, as soon as the sound got close you could tell this wasnt a laughing matter

so bart and millhouse were throwing maggie and she died so bart had so much guilt he commited suicide ( the letter in the treehouse ) lisa is depressed because marge and homer split up after the incident and homers whereabouts are unknown. marge is depressed and often goes out and drinks
skinner is about to tell the school about barts death when you see him krusty must of died from smoking to much. thats what i got from it please vote this up if you agree with me

That was scary. But it's still an awesome and yet, depressing animation of The Simpsons.

I wonder what happened to Krusty? How come he died? Maybe because he smokes too much? I guess I'll never know.

But otherwise, Good job and Best wishes to you(I don't know why I said that, but oh well).

very VERY dark just weird but I liked it